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Blokes are often forgotten, by themselves as much as anyone. We need to better connect with the fact that it’s great being a bloke, and we need to embrace and cherish it to put more effort into ourselves


BBQ is a great cooking apparatus that is enjoyed by all, universal and a personal favourite for #cockylikestocook . It's also a place where blokes also like to hang out and relax.


Bonfire is a key component for a #6Bs . Not all blokes enjoy sport, or a pub, both of which are very important meeting places, but I am yet to find a bloke who doesn’t enjoy being around a bonfire, which makes it a perfect venue


Beers can be a very good lubricant to start some conversations between blokes to share their stories. However we are not condoning or encouraging alcohol, it is fair to say that beers are a part of most blokes diet


Bonding is something that many men, as we age, can easily fall out of practice of, as our lives get busier, and pressures to be so much to so many, we forget to bond and converse with other blokes


Bullshit is a pretty natural outcome to an evening combining the 5 B’s above! All part of life is a good bullshit session, to keep everyone laughing at themselves and each other.

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How does #6BS work?

#6BS is based around the message, it’s not a formal organisation with formal procedures or a movement. There isn’t anything polished or “white coat” about it, just normal blokes trying to encourage others to connect with other blokes to share the load, and not to allow that top paddock to get too overstocked to the point it starts to blow away.

So who supports #6BS?

We actually have no official sponsors or funding partners.  We are purely focused on raising awareness … not money. We’ve had one silent sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous. We haven’t received or applied for any government or independent financial support.  The hosts of each event tend to gain support from local business houses for the events to offset costs which has greatly appreciated

I’d like to coordinate an event?

What’s required?
Where can I hold it?
We'd suggest you head across to the contact page and send a message or call the number there. We’d love to hear from you.

Regional Men's Health
Beyond Blue
MensLine Australia
Virtual Psychologist


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